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Production History

Magpie Model Horses - Dream Pony Models

As Dream Ponies, the models were were issued in kits with a range of solid-coloured plastic bodies and solid-coloured manes and tails. They were left unpainted (including the eyes!) so the new owner could add markings to create their 'dream pony'. Customers could also specify custom markings to be painted by the workshop if they desired. The hair on Dream Ponies models, even the donkeys, was left extremely long so the new owner could style it. Dogs, cats, riders, standing figures, tack, and even carts and caravans were available in addition to the Dream Ponies. A small selection of furry flocked models were also available to order.

Magpie Model Horses - Magpie Models Regular Runs

When the company became Magpie, these plain models were dubbed 'Dream Pony Specials'(later just Dream Ponies) and a variety of simple leg and facial markings were added. While Dream Ponies offered certain colours depending on the mold, Magpie models had a standard range of colours for the whole line: Bay, Black, Chestnut, Dun, Light & Dark Grey, and Palomino. Customers could also request specific markings, within reason.

Magpie Model Horses - Magpie Models Persies

Besides the change in name, the major innovation in 1990 was to introduce the Dream Pony Personality Collections (dubbed Persies by the hobby) which featured more detailed colours, complex patterns, and mixed-coloured manes and tails. Their markings were more uniform than those of the Regular Run models.

During the Emma era, the prototypes were painted by Emma Kelley and the production models by Penny Eustice. Penny continued to paint models through the Milne years.

Each Personality Collection would be announced in the Summer Magpie newsletter where subscribers would get the first chance to order before the collection was made available to a general public through the fall catalogue. Personality collections would then be discontinued the following September.

Magpie Model Horses - Apache and Foal Set

Dream Pony models were available on demand for years, with little change besides the typical colour variations caused by different plastic batches or the whim of the painter.

Personality Collections between 1990 and 1998 were numbered (Collection One, Two, etc.) and limited to one year of production, while Adams era collections and specials were unnumbered and available for several years. The models produced during these years have since been dubbed "Personality Collection Nine.

Magpie Model Horses - Magpie Models Accessories

Like Dream Pony, Magpie offered a full line of tack, accessories, riders, and barns.

During Magpie's first few years, Emma's father built barns for the company. Later, a flier for K.B. Models' line of stables was included in the Magpie catalogues. In 1992 K.B. Models severed their association with Magpie and Magpie began offering a new, though more limited, range of buildings.

Magpie Model Horses - Magpie Models Accessories

Magpie Model Horses continues to offer a range of models and accessories, including the Personality Collections. Starting with Collection Ten, each model is now numbered and issued with a certificate of registration.

The line of Dream Pony models have been replaced by Dream Pony kits which are reminiscent of the models released during the early Dream Pony days, though these require a bit more work. A dedicated Magpie forum, social media accounts, and a blog fill the role of the old newsletters.