Counting Magpies

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What is a Magpie?

Magpie Model Horses - Big Red Mold

Magpie Model Horses are polystyrene models which are manufactured in two hollow sections. These plastic shells are created though the injection molding process; hot, liquid plastic is injected under pressure into heavy steel molds. The shell halves are assembled, painted, and given hair manes and tails. Production, assembly, and painting all takes place here in the UK.

Early models and Magpie regular runs were of unpainted, coloured plastic, while later issues and special runs were painted. They are approximately 1/16th to small 1/12th scale which means they will work well with many doll house accessories.

For a better understanding of Magpie scale and for images of the Magpie molds with a few brands of miniature dolls, please see our blog post.

Size comparisons:

Left to Right: Breyer Classic Adult, Magpie Hunter, Magpie Arabian, Breyer Little Bit, Breyer Classic Foal, Magpie Welsh Pony, Magpie Donkey, Breyer Stablemate, Magpie Foal

Left to Right: Magpie Hunter, Julip Horse, Magpie Arabian, Julip Pony, Magpie Welsh Pony, Magpie Donkey, Julip Foal, Magpie Foal