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Magpie Model Horses - Moving Magpie

During the two years during which Magpie moved from the south of England to Scotland, had a workshop rennovated, and set up the business, a picture was posted each month on the Magpie homepage.

At the time, the owner of the company was a complete secret and each image generated much interest and debate over the eventual location and identity of this person. I must admit, I enjoyed the conjecture immensely.

Clicking the picture will open a larger example in a new tab.

The Magpies are currently migrating to a new home
Look out for an all new Magpie website, Identification site, Forum, Blog, and more!
There's so much to do when moving to a new stable! All that planning, packing, and paperwork!
When we get settled at the new stable we'll need to find some new personalities to add to our herd!
"Elaine, could you possibly tear yourself away from Twitter long enough to help out with the boxes?"
"How many of these do we have to wrap?!"
"Looks like we're headed to the shop for another roll of plastic wrap"
Happy Halloween!
I told you the boxes of decorations would be at the bottom of the pile!
Happy Holidays!
"Do you think everything's going to fit in the storage unit?"

"It'll have to until we get the new barn built"
"Oh good! You did remember to book the van with the tail-lift!"
"Elaine! We're not ready for the Magpie boxes yet, we're still trying to get the stable stuff loaded!"
"Two steps forward and one step back. Who forgot to tape this box shut?"
"I thought you said this would be easier with a tail-lift!"
"Okay, you know where you're going, right? Don't forget about that confusing bit in Birmingham."
"It's not too late, let's start loading the gear in tonight so we're ready for the horses tomorrow."
"Do you have enough stuff in there? Exactly how long do you think we're going to be on the road?"
"Easy does it and in we go"
"Yes, yes. I know where we're going. Can we please stop going over the maps and just go?"
"Road works?! That is so typical!"
"Hmm, looks like it's time to stop for a cuppie"
"Whew, getting closer."
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