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Magpie Model Horses - Collection of Newsletters

The Magpie Newsletter and the Personality Collection started almost simultaneously, before this Magpie fans could look forward receiving the occasional news sheet. The 1990 Dream Pony Personality Collection One had been on the market about six months when Magpie Customers received their first newsletter in the spring of 1991. Newsletters from this period were numbered and issued twice a year, in the Spring (March) and Summer (July). Content consisted of chatty updates, sneak peeks, special run sales, pre-sales of the Persie collections, stories, how-to articles, discount offers, classified ads, and reader letters. By the summer of 1992, the newsletter had nearly 600 subscribers! Eight issues were published before the sale of the company in 1995.

Newsletters continued after the sale, the first being issued in October of 1995, but now were unnumbered and sent out three times a year - Spring (March), Summer (June), Winter (Sept) - content remained much the same. The final Magpie newsletter in Spring of 1999 announced the pending closure of the company and offered it for sale.

Newsletters, this time published on the Magpie website in digital form, began again in 2003. There is mention in the files of monthly email newsletters, these e-News communications seem to be mostly advertisements. The issues published to the website followed a similar format as the earlier newsletters and seemed to be once-a-year affairs.

Magpie Model Horses uses social media resources such as blog, forum, Twitter, Facebook, etc. to continue the spirit of the newsletters.

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